This year (2023/24) I will be teaching:

  • Moral Theory (Michaelmas Term, 2nd Year). 10 weeks on paradoxes and puzzles in recent moral philosophy: Do the numbers count?; Paradoxes of harmless wrongdoing; Trolley problems; The non-identity problem.
  • Political Philosophy (Michaelmas & Epiphany Term, 2nd Year). 10 weeks in Michaelmas on alternatives to the contemporary political orthodoxy, including: Anarchism, Libertarianism; Lottocracy and Epistocracy. 5 weeks in Epiphany on the interpretation of Plato’s Crito.
  • Ethics and Values (Epiphany Term, 1st Year). 5 weeks on moral disagreement and its metaethical significance.

My office hours are Wednesdays 11-2. My office is in 51 Old Elvet, in the Philosophy Department. Walk straight through to the courtyard at the back of the building.

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