This year (2021/22) I am teaching:

  • Political Philosophy (Michaelmas Term, 2nd Year). What, if anything, legitimises the state? We explore sceptical answers to this question from libertarians and anarchists.
  • Applied Ethics (Michaelmas Term, 3rd Year). An in-depth study of Jeff McMahan’s rejection of the doctrine of the moral equality of combatants.
  • Moral Theory (Epiphany Term, 2nd Year). A survey of two problems in contemporary moral philosophy: the trolley problem and the paradoxes of population.
  • Issues in Contemporary Ethics (Epiphany Term, 3rd Year). Nihilism!! We ask whether anything matters with a focus on moral error theory.
  • Issues in Business Practice (Two Lectures in Epiphany Term, 3rd Year). What principles govern the ethics of space exploration in the new era of Space X, Deep Blue and Virgin Galactic?

My office hours are Wednesdays 11-2. My office is in 51 Old Elvet, in the Philosophy Department. Walk straight through to the courtyard at the back of the building.

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